I’m a former IT executive turned photographer, mower of lawns (mine), dad and closet writer.  Callings sometimes subside,  get muffled, or just door-slammed … and  my writing and photography callings fell to one or all of those.   I ventured off into a corporate Information Technology career for a number of decades.  And while having implemented virtualization, ERP systems, firewalls, FDA compliant Computer Systems Validation and VOIP, a camera was never far away…  and neither was a pen.  And as image capture became digitized in the early 2000s it began to meld with my tech occupation.

This site as a place to express my non-photographic pursuits to let my right brain run unfettered in terms of home tech, solar and such.  There’s a lot of bad information out there and I hope better clarify what could be helpful to the homeowner who is getting beaten over the head with conflicting tech advice from thousands of emails, ads, blogs and articles.



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