_D8A1225-1500- c1I’m an ex-IT executive turned photographer living in the Portland, Maine area.  Callings sometimes subside,  get muffled, or just door-slammed … and  my writing and photography callings fell to one or all of those.  Somewhere toward the end of college I took a detour – a 30 year detour – from my stint shooting for the Vermont Cynic (weekly of the students of the University of Vermont) and ventured off into a corporate Information Technology career.   While I implemented virtualization, ERP systems, firewalls, FDA compliant Computer Systems Validation and VOIP, a camera was never far away…  and neither was a pen.  And as image capture became digitized in the early 2000s it began to meld with my tech occupation.   Then kids and a dog came a long at the same time as digital capture and post processing tools took huge leaps in quality and I had ready, though not always willing, subjects.  To my wife’s chagrin, a studio appeared in our basement and things just went from there.

So I’ve officially created this site as a place to express my non-photographic pursuits to let my right brain run unfettered in terms of home tech, solar and such.  There’s a lot of bad information out there and I hope better clarify what could be helpful to the homeowner who is getting beaten over the head with conflicting tech advice from thousands of emails, ads, blogs and articles.

In the end, while capturing images is something I need to do (see my other site), saving money, being secure and helping people NOT get taken, is something I want to do.

Please visit my galleries at  http://peterguyton.com


Peter Guyton   logo and period@3x

CorsairVelo, LLC


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